Measure by Measure launch at A Process of Living opening

Good to see all who came along to the Process of Living opening. Thank you for making the effort, it is as always, very much appreciated.

Also a big thanks to the English Martyrs School who put on a smashing show upstairs.

The evening buzzed along as the Measure by Measure team kicked of their summer of activities with screen printing, painting, projection and a flurry of activities.

We are now really looking forward to watching as this develops over the coming months and seeing what people have to say about the new relationship between education and visual arts at The City Gallery.

We hope to see all you workshop users, parents, educators, artists and punters of all varieties not only engaging at the gallery but following it up here online.

Here you can see how it develops and see what the workshops have been doing. You can also discuss how it works, whether you think education benefits from the input of the arts, or if this is a white elephant chased by a tottering government.

To pin my colours to the mast, I think education, and the usefulness of art generally have been overlooked for too long and some sense of their social responsibility is essential in the 21st Century. I think the great challenge is to compromise that to the great 19th and 20th century romantic vision of art as perfectly useless and not to be compromised by the viscidities of ordinary life.

So it was a great opening, and I enjoyed seeing everyone there, and I hope to see more of you all in the coming months and throughout the duration of Meaure by Meaure’s project.

I am starting plugging for the Measure by Measure’s celebration on 19th of  August already. Food, festivities and family frolics at the gallery which will celebrate what has happened over the summer and show case Measure by Measure’s work. You are all cordially invited to this and we hope to see you in August, if not sooner and hear from you on the blog long before…


Bryan of MbM in action

Bryan of Measure by Measure in action


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