Introductory Workshops 2 and 3(video), 22nd July 2008

What a busy day! Thank you everyone that contributed to an extremely successful set of workshops.

These workshops were designed to get everyone involved to explore Screen printing, making an animation and carrying out a large drawing with a group. We had a great deal of fun running the workshops and everyone that took part made the activity their own.

I will write about the morning workshop first.

First to do the live drawing were Nidhi, Tej, Alisha and Priyesh; they all worked with Natalia to cut out shapes from everyday household cardboard boxes to create a projected environment that they could draw on, paint or mark with tape. Everyone took to this with great gusto and there was a wide range of beautiful and expressive marks being made.

Live Collaborative Drawing

Live Collaborative Drawing

Also working with Measure by Measure were Dana, Eleana and Isobel, they began their workshop with Patrick and Bryan. Our first task was to explore animation and create shapes that would take on a life of their own. Everyone involved took an every day cardboard box and explored the ways that it could become something else, a shape, a design or even a character. These newly transformed boxes were then controlled to move slowly about the paper space in the main Gallery. Each person took turns in being the director, this meant that they decided where certain pieces of cardboard would go and that they controlled the camera/laptop on wheels. You can see the animation below; what you will also see is that both groups swapped so that everyone got to try both the animation and the live drawing.

The animation Characters

The animation Characters

Close up of the drawing and preparation for screen printing

Close up of the drawing and preparation for screen printing

Following these activities we all got together to follow MIlly’s lead by learning the process of screen printing and creating a double edged city horizon from cut out templates of shapes and drawn lines. This was the messiest part of the day and everyone had a pull of the squeegie to create the blue space. The templates were saved and placed on the grid (in preparation for the Newspaper) and onto the Gallery floor space. Everyone was able to leave their mark in more ways than one.

Dayna Eleana and Isobel drawing live

Dayna Eleana and Isobel drawing live

workshop leaders:

Measure by Measure


Nidhi Naik

Tej Naik

Alisha Patel

Priyesh Mistry

Dayna Rookwood

Eleana Rayner

Isobel Rogers


1 Response to “Introductory Workshops 2 and 3(video), 22nd July 2008”

  1. 1 John August 5, 2008 at 6:46 pm

    Very interesting work by the team. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed working on this project.

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