Workshop 4 28th July 2008

The morning of the 28th of July played host to Workshop number 5. Measure by Measure met a mixed group of parents and youngsters to explore the work that has been growing from workshop to workshop and to contribute more to the visual conversation at City Gallery, Leicester. The first thing that we did was to explore what was left behind and to find amongst all of the drawings and screen prints shapes and sections that we liked. We had a chance to explore other peoples marks and look at how they mixed together; we then highlighted them by drawing the shapes on large sheets of colour gels and created a large drawing together by placing them on a sheet of tracing paper on the floor. In the crowded educational space it was difficult to see the whole piece of paper and the images on it growing into one large picture so people found themselves only being aware of the works next to them. This meant that the first experience that was identical for everyone was the unveiling of the finished picture. This occurred, to the great delight of all involved, like the raising of a curtain as the sunlight brought all of their shapes alive as the large sheet of tracing paper found its home in the front window of the gallery. Each person also took part in recording the event by taking photographs, these photographs were looked at in sequence quickly showing an animation effect, which introduced the website and ways of recording information and capturing moments.

Gel cut outs

Gel cut outs

This activity allowed everyone to react and respond to each other and to think about positive and negative cut outs to make the shapes that they liked in a colour of their choice. It also allowed us to draw, change, alter and combine shapes and lines that meant something to someone else so that it also meant something to ourselves. As a result people from past workshops became connected to the people in this workshop through the shapes, lines and marks that they liked.

Gel arrangements

Gel arrangements

We followed this with a very fast activity that left no time for pondering and thinking only reacting. Each person had a box and we all had a brief time to cut holes or shapes out of the box , then to paint it and then to reassemble it to see what it looked like. These boxes were intuitively placed onto a table to create a cityscape. The idea at this point was to use a strong light to create a shadow from these boxes and draw or paint it. This would have left a new surprising mark on the existing drawings. A problem occurred however, because the light was not focused enough to cast a shadow we had to face the reality of experimentation: sometimes things don’t work. Instead of being downhearted we used the stills camera to create sets of photographs that mimicked a birds eye flying over and past the boxes from a close distance so that we could all see how things seem different when looked at from a different perspective.


Box city and backdrop

Box city and backdrop





Window drawing from the morning workshop

Workshop Leaders:

Measure by Measure


Fiona Broadbelt

Harry Broadbelt

Megan Kelly

Fleur Mitchell

Seema Uchil

Karan Thomas


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