Explore Light – 30th July 2008

Playing with the ohp and all the materials was really great. After initially being a little hesitant, and starting off drawing figures and images, the girls in the workshop began to really get into the idea of being more expressive and free with shapes, colours and levels of opacity. They were overlaying contrasting materials and colours and holding them to the light, or placing them on the ohp to see what the light did to their composition. By the end of the workshop they were being very discernng about which bits were most ‘effective’ and expanding on those sections. We ended up with some really imaginative and interesting juxtapositions of materials and colour. The girls loved it! I think they also enjoyed writing and drawing on the walls, it is such a great feeling to have permission to do that! – Daisy, Workshop Leader

Working in the window light

Working in the window light

Paint is awesome….painting on walls is even more awesome. Even if its irrelevant.  – workshop participant

Wicked! I loved just ripping loads of things up, sprinkling glitter everywhere! (the glitter was ment to go on a laminating sheet!) and putting it into a laminator! it looked coooooooooooooooooool!- SOPHIE-PARTICPANT IN WORKSHOP

I like eggs- Anon

Reacting on paper

Reacting on paper

We enjoyed the workshop vair vair much and we loved writing random phrases on the acetate like “Save the Whales”. It was great fun and at the end we loved writing on the walls! Cheerio, Caitlin and Katie!!! p.s. I LUUURRVVVEEE JAFFA CAKES!!


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