Play with Line (3-7yrs) – 30th July 2008

I’ve worked at the Gallery leading workshops for about 6 years now, and I’m definitely and ‘old hand’ at this. Even so, I must admit to having been a little apprehensive about this one. Mainly because I had never before led a workshop that had no desired end product, wasn’t planning to work towards one, or even teaching a skill, even in my own practise as an artist and educator. In actuality though, this one was of the most exciting and enjoyable workshops I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. The children were really engaged and loving every second of exploring the pleasure of drawing and creating lines and shapes and random things without the pressure of drawing anything in particular, or of attempting to be representational.

Line on shape

Line on shape

We started off with a short drawing to loosen everyone up – drawing whatever you wanted on a board that was being wiggled an jiggled by your parent! A couple of the kids were less than pleased with them for doing this, concerned that they were ‘messing up’ their drawing, but when we switched sides and let them ‘mess up’ their parents drawing it was a whole different story! This helped them to get the idea that we were not trying to draw anything – only to explore what a drawn line could be, and have fun with it! We then moved on to working on the walls, the floor, the ceiling of the education space with full-on gusto. We took a drawn marker pen line for a walk, a jog, a run, a jump, had a breather, a pant, a rest then had a game of football, frisbee, tennis with another line – all across the space! This was so cool, the children (and obviously the parents too) were really enjoying themselves and coming up with some really interesting shapes and lines. The next part of the workshop was drawing with light. Both kids and adults took turns in chasing a light (torch) led by the other, with their pen/paint/chalk. Mainly they were all nice to each other – but there were a few lights in places no-one could reach, and a few children running light rings around exhausted looking pen-chasing parents! You could hear the glee for miles . . . Next we gave up the pens and moved on to wool. Soon the space was criss-crossed with woven lines taped down every foot or so, and then we placed stickers at intersecting points. By this point the whole space looked amazing, and we sat back to have a look. I then gave out tape and asked them all to find bits of the space that appealed to them because of a nice placement of line or colour or just because they liked it. Using their hands in a square as a view-finder we soon had lovely framed bits of the space – drawing attention to what they judged to be the best bits. I urge you to go and see for yourself what they thought were the best bits, and the space as a whole, because it is truly fantastic. Be quick though, as more is being added at the next workshop!

Line or Plan?

Line or Plan?

Everyone enjoyed themselves so much some didn’t want to leave, and everyone fully realised the creativity and the wonderfullness of what they had created, just by playing with a line.

Daisy – Workshop Leader

“I’ve never been to such a creative workshop before, we’ve really really enjoyed ourselves – thankyou!” – Parent at workshop


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