Saturday 16th August 2008 Workshop 9


There were six participants for the adult workshop on Saturday 16th August.

In preparation for the workshop the space was darkened and two large sheets of white paper were put up on the wall.

Each person deconstructed a small box with the idea being that when projected the box could turn into an elevation of a building – so from the net of a small box to the side elevation of a piece of architecture or with a perceptual shift, the plan of a building.

They were encouraged to cut bits out of the box to create an interesting shape which was then put onto the OHP and projected onto the wall covered in paper.

Responding to the shadows they used marker pens to draw round the areas they found interesting – some selecting the whole shape and others just part of the cast shadows.

As each person finished plotting their shape the next person placed their flattened box on the OHP. People then selected coloured tape to go over the lines of the shape drawn on the wall.


Shadows on the wall

Shadows on the wall



An image of interest was then thought about and traced or drawn on a sheet of acetate or some people chose to cut out the shape of an image, this was projected by the OHP onto the wall and painted.


An image to make a connection with the first image was cut out from a coloured gel, put onto the OHP and projected onto the paper – projecting the image over the outlines of other peoples’ shapes was encouraged.  The idea of collaboration and not being precious about the marks that had been made was one of the important ideas. The gel was kept on the OHP and the person painted over the shape on the wall having selected a colour that would change when the gel was taken away. The gel was moved a bit at a time to create an animation with the digital camera. As the gel was moved the colour changed and the original paint colour was revealed.

It was interesting to see how the gel projected onto the painted shape changed the colour and how this could be used in explaining colour theory and testing out different colour combinations.


Many processes in colour

Many processes in colour



We took a break for lunch and came back to create a collaborative animation in the afternoon.


A0 sized maps had been printed of the plan of the centre of Leicester and the participants were asked to select shapes on the maps using the shapes of the roads and buildings which would be cut out to create interesting shapes.

Shapes from the maps were cut up and randomly mixed up so each person could select a different shape from the one that they had been working on. These were then stuck onto a large sheet of cardboard to create a skyline or horizon and would be the background layer for the animation. The tricky operation of cutting round the shapes stuck to the cardboard was undertaken.  Some areas of the buildings were coloured in paint or tape.


For the next step of finding a character each person selected a shape from the network of shapes and patterns on the wall – there was a head of a dog, a crow’s head, an onion, a hedgehog amongst others. These shapes were cut out and then backed on cardboard to give them strength and stability. The shapes left from the images cut out were then painted with a roller in red paint – this process was animated on the stills camera.


The next process was to assemble all the elements to create the animation – so to construct the scene one cardboard length with the skyline of buildings, created from the cut up maps, was taped to the front of a long trestle table and the remaining length was fixed on the back of the table to create a sense of depth.  The table with these backgrounds was positioned in front of the original wall drawing to create a sense of colour and atmosphere.


Animation frame

Animation frame



People holding their characters were then encouraged to interact in the environment of the city-scape and move around the set under the direction of Natalia who was taking photos every few seconds. This was all captured using the digital camera and would later be turned into an animation. Coloured gels on the spot-light added to the atmosphere.


We finished the workshop by asking all the participants to come to the celebration event on Tuesday 19th August and to contribute to the online blog with comments and thoughts on a very enjoyable day.


Workshop Leaders:

Measure by Measure



Fran Caputo

Verona Moitt

Betahn Cooper

Gina Mollett

Rebecca Barker

Louisa Humphreys


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