Explore Form Workshop 8-13 12.08.08

We began by trying to draw our emotions as a shape and ended up with stars and oval shapes. We then mixed up colours to represent this emotion as a colour and painted our shapes.

After looking at nets using unfolded boxes we then reconstructed them to build a form.

We then used play dough to model our chosen shapes from the beginning excercise.

The aim was to create a net of this shape using cardboard but some of the shapes they had chosen were quite complicated and we decided to create the nets in paper first and then transfer them to cardboard.

All the girls worked really hard as this was very challenging to do. But they were determined not to give up and all the participants stayed longer with their parents waiting as we all worked hard to finish. We did all create our shapes in cardboard as nets which were then painted and constructed as a sculpture in the space. There was a real sense of satisfaction and achievement for the girls as we finished – I don’t think they believed they could do it!

Some comments from participants:

‘It was challenging but good!’

‘It was different from school because it was ‘fun-ner’…We’ve made nets before at school but not big things from cardboard that you could paint afterwards.’

Workshop Leader – Penny Davis


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