Play with Shape 3-7 workshop 12.08.08

After a brief look at the difference between ‘regular’ and ‘irregular’ shapes using the exhibition to find them we sat down to paint our own shapes and imagine them as our family and friends. They very much enjoyed this activity but found it hard to think of ‘irregular’ shapes as it did not come instinctively like thinking of squares or circles etc. So we overlapped two shapes to create an irregular shape and this became a template for shapes which we then cut out at least 14 times to create a ‘journey’ around the space. They loved the vivid colours of the neon card and this was also a new range of colour in the space.

The participants really enjoyed cutting out the shapes and watching them change slightly each time they cut out from their template and imagining what they might be. We had a ‘duck’ and a spacerocket in there – perhaps you might still find them in the space!

Then the participants each spun around a certain number of times into the space keeping their eyes closed to determine the place randomly from which they would begin their ‘journey’ with their shapes. As they almost all landed in the middle this is why our ‘map’ of ‘journey’s’ is mostly laid out on the floor. With their parents they lead the shapes towards the wall and then were directed to meet with another participant to join up the ‘journey’s’. This worked really well but we all felt that we wished we had cut more shapes or had more participants as then we could have gone crazy all over the space!

The children themselves were very pleased with what they had created and were very enthusiastic to say how much they had enjoyed the workshop.

Workshop Leader: Penny Davis


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