Measure By Measure

We are a group of artists that have been working on the Dalry School project for 2 years and have since gone on to explore notions of learning and curriculum from an artistic perspective. All previous and present artists working under the banner of Measure by Measure are graduates of The Slade school of Fine Art and in some way have all studied with Professor Bruce McLean. Measure by Measure presently consists of the artists: Bryan Parsons, Patrick Loan and Natalia Charogianni.


Bryan Parsons Natalia Charogianni Patrick Loan

Bryan Parsons Natalia Charogianni Patrick Loan

In November 2007 the group’s activities culminated in a week long project in the school working with the pupils and staff.  This week allowed for a lot of improvised activities and collaborations to take place with the finale being a grand parade around the building that every member of the school contributed towards and took part in. We saw our role in working at Dalry as one of artist not teacher.  Beyond setting up some basic structures (which the children were able to see) we were learning along with everyone there.  We fostered an environment where thoughtful, considerate questioning and practically trying things out had equal importance.  This, in turn, set up a space, both physical and mental, where shared learning could be achieved allowing those present to respond directly to what has happened and contribute to what is to come. The individuals are able to develop their own relationships with the space by enabling them to interpret it through the activities that they are a part of.

Measure By Measure, gets its name from our intention to encourage a type of investigation that starts with trying something out and discovering what possibilities arise from that act. It requires one to make:

 A first step

then assess and process

the next step

think and rethink

adjust and readjust

testing all the time

another step

talking and imagining

applying and shaping

another step

to see how far you can go ………


Dalry Primary School Project

Dalry Primary School Project


Dalry Primary School Project

Dalry Primary School Project



More material from this project will be included in the Process of Living exhibition, City Gallery Leicester.

Following the success of the Dalry Project Measure by Measure sought to investigate what could constitute a new curriculum. They invited a number of artists to debate what could constitute a new curriculum and what they would like to propose as a department within it. In many ways the success of the project was a result of the environment created in the studio and around the activities and the fertile discussions and creative vibrancy of the work can be attributed to the atmosphere that fostered its creation. 

New Curriculum, Berlin 2008

The New Curriculum project acted as a spring board for the School on Paper project that will be explored throughout the summer program at City Gallery in 2008. This project seeks to create a supportive environment to encourage all the workshop participants and ourselves to consider what we would like to learn as individuals and how it relates to the interests of those around us.

Measure by Measure at the time of the Dalry Primary School project and New Curriculum project also consisted of Michael Wedgwood, Graham Hayward and Eddie Farrell and without them the project would not have developed into what it is today.











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