Measure by Measure will be running a project entitled School on Paper as part of the summer program at City Gallery, Leicester. The project is best introduced by an explanation of our use of the terms ‘School’ and ‘on Paper’:

“School” loosely refers to a place where something is learnt. We will be asking participants to explore the potential of a new subject, something that might be taught, a new space, something that should be given a different role or focus.

“On paper” refers to something in the early stages of development, something that is discussed, that can change and that can be considered independently and as part of a larger picture.

We will be running activities as part of the City Gallery’s workshop program, that seek to create an environment for learning using creative processes. All age groups will use as a starting point easily recognisable, throw-away, common everyday product boxes as material for exploration and material for drawing, folding, cutting and projecting. This will be the beginning of a learning activity that will be shaped and determined by the conversations of the day and the interests of all involved. The main focus of these workshops will be to react and respond to each other and extend everyone’s interests with the use of imagined outcomes to create an image of learning. Discussion, collaboration and sharing ideas will all be encouraged within the working groups so that individuals can explore the connections between each other’s ideas and imaginings.

The discussion will extend between groups over time as each workshop will have as an environment the work created by its predecessors. This means that School on Paper will be an active document that all of the participants of the summer program will be involved in shaping. In recognition that editing, re-working and replacing are aspects of the creative process the project will be recorded as it develops from one workshop to the next. Anyone will be able to keep up with developments and changes on this active blog. We will also be producing a commemorative newspaper to be launched on the 19th of August at a Celebration Event 12-3pm (admission free) where we will also present a selection of documentation alongside the final School on Paper document.

The School on Paper document will present an array of ideas, thoughts, reactions, drawings and activities. From these ideas we hope to identify what the workshop participants want to learn and what learning means to them as individuals and as a group. It may also be possible to find suggestions that would have a place in changing the National Curriculum or complementing it as well as suggest what spaces the participants like to learn in and what expectations they have of a learning space. More importantly the project will allow participants to reclaim learning for themselves and begin to see it as a lifelong process that is determined by their own interests. It will allow participants to think about the potential that their immediate environment may have for learning and encourage learning without the pressures of expectation. School on Paper will allow all of the participants the opportunity to see their work in relation to other peoples’ ideas, to compare, discuss and reflect on what they have done. Ultimately School on Paper will encourage people to learn through experimentation, taking risks, playing and imagining; everyone should be allowed to justify their learning on their own terms yet still feel encouraged to consider how it relates to other peoples’ interests.



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