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it’s great. it’s fun enjoyable and the fun the part was explore line


art gallery

i think this workshop was great fun and really entertaining.the best bit was drawing faces and and drawing lines while the person moves the board.

Outreach art workshop at City Gallery

It’s great and fun, you never get bored. It’s enjoyable and my favourite was the painting and explore lines.

Outreach Art Workshops with Young People

I enjoyed the workshops i did at the city gallery .The line one was the best i think because it was amazingyhow you could draw lines on the wall and it would look so briight .while you were playing games.On the ohp in the light workshop the pattens were nice on the wall.That we made by sticking all sorts on to OHP paper.

Celebration Event Tuesday 19th August 2008

The celebration event on Tuesday was an opportunity for everyone to see how the educational space had evolved over the past few weeks, for each person to get a copy of the newly published newspaper and to sample some summer soup!


A big pot of summer soup!

A big pot of summer soup!




The boxes used in the 0-3 year old workshop were stacked against the blacked-out window – a section at the bottom of which was cut away to reveal sun light which shone through the coloured gel windows in the boxes and cast multicoloured rays across the floor of the space.  Three TV screens were positioned in the space and were showing the animation films that had been put on the blog over the past few weeks. These films had recorded all the workshops that ‘Measure by Measure’ had organised and also detailed a slide show of images from the ‘Play and Explore’ workshops.

Stacks of ‘The New Curriculum’ newspaper, which documented the Dalry Primary School project and the soon-to-be-launched ‘School on Paper’ newspaper, were placed on the white cupboards, ready to be unveiled.  The summer soup was gently simmering on the hotplate in the corner of the space ready for the hungry visitors.

Bryan gave a speech which outlined the ideas of the workshops and he expressed our pleasure in having had the opportunity of organising them and at the positive reaction and engagement of all the participants.  He thanked everyone involved: Hugo, Lisa, and all the gallery staff with a special mention for Dave who helped us out on many occasions (some of which were emergency situations!) to locate equipment and materials.

The ‘School on Paper’ newspaper was launched and handed out to the gathered audience.  Summer soup, a delicious potato, carrot and dill recipe was served by Natalia as people formed a queue to sample the home cooked fare.


Watching the animation films

Watching the animation films

People filtered into the main body of the gallery to look at the exhibits in the exhibition and into the learning space in the front gallery which was a riot of colour from all the workshop projects and a cacophony of noise greeted them as the music from the films was playing. The space was still being worked on by Priyesh, Tej, Nidhi and Alisha who were busily projecting shapes from the OHP onto a section of the wall which still had a few white areas left. They were also using sticky tape and marker pens to create some colourful shapes, images and marks on the paper. Isobel from the 7-13 workshop, and George and Dan from the 12- 17 workshop were also working in the space projecting onto the wall shapes that they had cut out from the coloured gels on to the wall.

It was great to see the workshop participants returning to the space to see the films – they had been involved in the making of the characters and backgrounds out of paper and cardboard and now they could see their endeavours and that material transformed into an animation on a monitor screen.

Towards the end Priyesh, Tej, Nidhi and Alisha started to experiment with the cardboard boxes and with the windows of coloured gels, and after putting them on their heads, they paraded around the space and then into the main gallery wearing their new costumes! Even more inventively, they started to create buildings from the boxes by stacking them up and getting inside – maybe the new building design of the future!   

We looked in the pot. Nearly all the soup had gone, so not too much to take home – people must have been hungry……


Busy building

Busy building




We were really delighted that so many people attended the event and many thanks to all who came; it was really stimulating to talk to those who participated in the workshops, to their friends and family and to the number of people who had travelled a considerable distance to attend the occasion.

Thank you all very much – we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed ourselves!

Monday 18th August 0-3 year olds Workshop 10

There were nine participants on the 0-3 year old workshop on Monday morning.
The environment was created – the space was darkened and small holes cut into the black paper on the window to let light in, is some instances this was coloured due to the gels of previous workshops stuck on to the glass. There were boxes piled up by the wall and the OHP was in position. Four large boxes were prepared with windows cut out and large enough for a baby to crawl into and those windows were covered with coloured gels. Two sections of the floor were prepared before the workshop – etching ink was rolled onto a sheet of large plastic and covered with paper – this would be revealed later! Also an area of the floor near the window had been painted the day before and then covered with white paper.

Environment prepared

Environment prepared

The children and adults were invited into the space to explore and play – to look at the colours, shapes and images that were all around them. They were given tape, crayons and paint to draw round objects and mark out where things were positioned. One of the ideas was for the adults to draw round the babies as they negotiated and moved round the space – moving and marking. When the OHP was switched on paint and tape was used liberally to define objects where they cast a shadow. People started drawing round the shadow that their hand made on the wall – there was a lot of paint everywhere!

Coloured gels (the shapes used were of the favourite food of the children) were cut up and placed on the OHP to create a colourful environment and another way to see the space. The children started to play by moving the shapes of the gels on the OHP.

The boxes with the windows were position around the floor space and after a little exploration, encouragement and persuasion the children started to go inside the boxes and look out of the coloured windows and see the world in a different light!

Boxed in light

Boxed in light

Patrick was then brought into the space in a white painted box – he was next to be painted! He sat down and paint was applied to the box, things were stuck to the box and he reacted by finding a different position (with difficultly!) so people had to work fast to finish painting their mark and shape.

Another large box had been prepared with a window cut out and the participants were given a sheet of paper with a special surface. They made some marks and shapes which were cut out and then stuck onto the interior walls of the box. A light was shined into the box to activate the phosphorescent paint which glowed a light green (like watch faces…) People were encouraged to look through the window of the box to see the glowing shapes.

At the break shapes were cut out to reveal a surprise underneath the paper that people had been walking on, crawling on, painting on and tapping on. As the shapes were removed red and blue shapes started to appear as the bottom layer had been painted before the workshop – there was the shape of Rachael who had been drawn round earlier and other less identifiable shapes!

Lights and shapes above

Lights and shapes above

The next thing was to prepare coloured gels to go on to the rotating parasol to create a mobile. Shapes of fruit were cut out and the shapes cut out from the floor were attached to the arms of the parasol which was placed in the middle of the space. More gels were put on the OHP and projected on to the underneath of the parasol. The parasol was turned by hand and as it span the shapes moved across the material creating an ever changing spectrum of colours. 

Workshop Leaders:

Measure by Measure





Clive Dawkes

Declan Luff

Hugo Worthy

Inigo Worthy

Alexandra Budding

Georgie Budding

Rachael Bywater

Harrison Bywater

Lisa Bywater

Explore Form Workshop 8-13 12.08.08

We began by trying to draw our emotions as a shape and ended up with stars and oval shapes. We then mixed up colours to represent this emotion as a colour and painted our shapes.

After looking at nets using unfolded boxes we then reconstructed them to build a form.

We then used play dough to model our chosen shapes from the beginning excercise.

The aim was to create a net of this shape using cardboard but some of the shapes they had chosen were quite complicated and we decided to create the nets in paper first and then transfer them to cardboard.

All the girls worked really hard as this was very challenging to do. But they were determined not to give up and all the participants stayed longer with their parents waiting as we all worked hard to finish. We did all create our shapes in cardboard as nets which were then painted and constructed as a sculpture in the space. There was a real sense of satisfaction and achievement for the girls as we finished – I don’t think they believed they could do it!

Some comments from participants:

‘It was challenging but good!’

‘It was different from school because it was ‘fun-ner’…We’ve made nets before at school but not big things from cardboard that you could paint afterwards.’

Workshop Leader – Penny Davis

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